What are parents saying about our academic coaching services?

My son almost failed in his grade & had to attend summer school. His tutor was the reason he passed. For the duration of the rest of his school career, I will use SonShine!! & they are cost effective!!

Excellent service!
My child had an outstanding experience, thank you SonShine Embrace!

My daughter has been coached with Sonshine Embrace for over a year. She has vastly improved her reading skills. She now has a desire to read. She is reading with more confidence and expressing. I thank God for leading me to this company to help my daughter towards a more successful education.


Sunshine Embrace Learning Center is a professional center that cares about the children learning in their individual goals and in how they can reach their target to stay ahead. The teachers leave an impression on how they think they can achieve the goals and how to think positive about themselves. It has been a blessing and I will continue my service with them.


I’m the parent of a student who had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Pierce during a portion of the summer of 2016.

Although my daughter does well academically, her writing skills are a challenge for her.
Mrs. Pierce provided the support and training that my daughter needed to improve her writing skills.  Particularly in the area of research writing, she learned the importance of organization, stating the main idea and providing supportive details.
While the technical training was important, the kindness, patience and encouragement provided made learning so much easier and enjoyable.
Thank you Sonshine Learning Center!

What are parents saying about our child-care services?

Coming soon!



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